Mousam Way Loop (High School Loop) Project

Notice: The City of Sanford, Parks and Recreation Department, are seeking bids for the RTP Grant – Mousam Way Loop (High School Loop) Project.

Work Includes: Addition of Material, Grading, Crowning, Compacting, Slight Brush Trimming along the Trail Edge (if necessary).

Bids are due at the Parks & Recreation Office, July 25th, 2023 no later than 12:00pm.

Project: RTP Grant – Mousam Way Loop – High School Loop Trail

Location: Sanford High School – Trailheads off of Alumni Drive, Sanford, Maine

Scope of Work: This project will create two trailheads and short trail segments near Sanford High School / Regional Technical Center. The result would be 3,400 feet of new 10-foot-wide trail. The physical work involves installing erosion control measures, grading and shaping the surface, rolling out permeable landscape fabric, spreading four inches of crushed material, regrading and crowning the treadway to shed water, and compacting the surface.

Work Included: Erosion control, Grubbing, Grading, New, Placement of Permeable Landscape Fabric, New Gravel Surface, Compaction & Crowning

Work Involved: Grubbing Brush as Needed in Work Area, Grading Existing Material, Crowned for Drainage, Placement of Permeable Landscape Fabric, Placement of Crushed Gravel for an Average of 4”x10’ wide, Graded and Compacted Maintaining Crown for Drainage. Contactor Must Provide an Allowance for Permeable Landscape Fabric.

Note: New Gravel Material Proposed must be Submitted for Approval.

More information: This project is considered trail maintenance. There is already a trail there that follows the sewer line around the high school and then connects back out to Alumni Drive. See map attached.

Sewer District Information: The manhole covers that follow this trail must stay exposed both during and after the project is completed.

Time Frame of Work: Work cannot be done between the August 14th and November 6th of 2023 due to the school using this as their cross-country running route. Ideally, Spring, Summer or late Fall would be best.

Contractor is responsible to meet City requirements, safety of traffic control and safety of trail users.

For an onsite visit or questions, please contact Brady Lloyd, Director of Parks & Recreation at (207) 324-9130 or at

Additional Work: involves erecting signage and modifying four existing gates to allow passage of walkers, cyclists and those with mobility devices which will be done an In-Kind Donation of Labor by the SRTC students.