Pence Charitable Trust 

The David and Linda Pence Charitable Trust FBO the Village of Springvale, Maine

The Trust distributes funds annually to the City of Sanford to be used for the purpose of beautification of the Village of Springvale, Maine.  Allowable expenditures may include, but are not limited to, the purchase and planting of flowers, trees and shrubs, street lighting, paving of sidewalks, repair of potholes, painting of city owned buildings, and holiday decorating, it being the Donor’s intent that the funds be used to make the Village of Springvale esthetically pleasing to residents and visitors alike. 

The Trust Distribution Committee decides how the City spends the funds. This Committee consists of the following members:

Spinnaker Trust, Trustee
Steven R. Buck, City Manager, City of Sanford
Rick Stanley, Chairman, Sanford Springvale Chamber of Commerce

The Trust Distribution Committee will consider proposals for City projects submitted by individuals, civic action groups or other organizations.  All proposals should recommend projects or expenditures to be undertaken by the City of Sanford on public property using the available funds distributed from the Trust.

If you wish to submit a proposal for review by the Trust Distribution Committee, please complete the Proposal Form. Instructions for completing and handing in the proposal are included on the form below.

2019 1004 Pence Charitable Trust Proposal Form Final.pdf