York County Community Action Program

Located at 6 Spruce Street in Sanford (Just past the Goodall Hospital), YCCAP is a valuable resource to families and individuals in need.  Contact them at 324-5762
LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) provides help with heating costs to income-eligible households whether they are homeowners or renters.  This is a Federal program administered in Maine by the Maine State Housing Authority and delivered in York County by the YCCAP. 
A program available in the winter months to aid in reducing heating bills.  An appointment is absolutely necessary in order to apply for energy assistance.  Call the above number (extension 2905 Barbara Lizot) in the fall to find out when applications for appointments begin.  Applications are taken in various locations around the county and you will be scheduled for an appointment closest to your home.  Home visits are available for shut-ins. 
Applicants will be required to provide all of the following:

1.  Proof of household income
2.  Social Security numbers for all household members
3.  Birth dates for all members of the household
4.  A copy of your most recent electric bill will be required.
**If you fail to bring all these items, your application will not be processed.
LIHEAP may also be able to provide telephone assistance and electric bills.
WEATHERIZATION: Provides financial and technical assistance for improvement or repair of apartment / home energy saving components.
CENTRAL HEATING IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (CHIP): Provides financial and technical assistance for improvement or repair of home heating systems.
ENERGY CRISIS INTERVENTION PROGRAM (ECIP): Provides emergency financial assistance for fuel or heating system repairs. 
LOW INCOME ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (LIAP): Provides financial assistance for apartment / home electric bills.
STORAGE TANK PROGRAM (STP): Provides financial and technical assistance to repair or replace residential oil tanks and piping (above or below ground) that are leaking or don’t meet code.
LOW INCOME REFRIGERATOR REPLACEMENT PROGRAM (LIRRP): Financial assistance to or replace (and dispose of) old refrigerators with energy efficient models.
MINOR HOME REPAIR PROGRAM (MHRP): Provides financial and technical assistance for minor home repairs for single working parents.
KEEPING SENIORS HOME (KSH): Provides financial and technical assistance to help make seniors’ homes safer, more accessible and affordable.
OTHER PROGRAMS: Health and safety home inspections, lead paint / radon testing, financial assistance for electric pole installation, telephone installation and monthly service.