Airport Advisory Committee

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The purpose of the Airport Advisory Committee is to advise the City Council and Airport Manager on issues related to the Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport (SFM). The mission of the Committee is to meet regularly and as needed to review and evaluate topics, issues, events, and proposals and make recommendations to assure alignment with the Airport’s duly accepted Business Plan and facilitate the mission of the Airport. The Airport Advisory Committee derives all its authority from the City Council and as such shall only have those powers specifically granted by Council Order.

AAC meetings are conducted in person at the Airport Administration and Maintenance Building at 9 Presidential Lane in Sanford and supplemented via Zoom. Meeting login information is contained at the header of each meeting agenda.


Name of Committee Member Term Expires:
Linwood Dall 12/31/2024
David Caswell 12/31/2024
Geoffrey Howe 12/31/2024
James Deyermond 12/31/2025
Stuart Miller 12/31/2025
Joseph Weeks 12/31/2025
Becky Brink Council Representative
Gregory Pargellis Non voting representative of the Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells Water District.

For more information or if you are interested in AAC archived minutes and agendas or documents please contact the Airport Manager, Allison Navia. 




2024 Meetings

06/13/24 Agenda       Packet      
04/11/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
02/08/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
2023 Meetings

12/06/23 Workshop Agenda       Packet      
11/16/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
09/14/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
07/13/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
05/11/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
03/09/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
01/12/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
2021 Meetings

11/18/21 AAC Agenda Agenda      
09/09/21 AAC Agenda Agenda      
07/08/21 AAC Agenda Agenda      
05/13/21 AAC Agenda Agenda      
03/11/21 AAC Agenda Agenda      
01/07/21 AAC Agenda Agenda      
2020 Meetings

11/12/20 AAC Agenda Agenda      
10/13/20 AAC Agenda Agenda      
09/10/20 AAC Agenda Agenda      
07/09/20 AAC Agenda Agenda      
05/14/20 AAC Agenda Agenda      
03/12/20 AAC Agenda Agenda      
01/09/20 AAC Agenda Agenda      
2019 Agendas

11/14/19 AAC Agenda Agenda      
07/17/19 AAC Agenda Agenda      
05/09/19 AAC Agenda Agenda      
03/12/19 AAC Agenda Agenda      
02/08/19 AAC Agenda Agenda