Rules, Regulations and Policy


The Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport (SFM) is a nontowered airport, meaning it has no air traffic control tower. Please contact the airport manager, Allison Navia, with any questions or for more information, including requests for airfield access and security gate cards. 207-324-3172 or with a message through the portal here

Wildlife Strike Information
Wildlife strikes are a very real hazard on many airports, SFM included. While impacted pilots and airports are reporting strikes, they might not know the critical role their reports play in understanding wildlife issues and developing wildlife policies. This video shows viewers what happens when a strike is reported, from the initial report entry to how the data is analyzed and then used on a national, regional, and airport level. 

Watch it here

If you experience a strike please download the Wildlife Strike Reporting Form, fill it out and mail it in. It is double sided and designed so that you fill out one side, fold it, tape it closed and drop it right in the mailbox – no postage necessary. The FAA also makes available an online reporting system at the Airport Wildlife Hazard Mitigation web site or via mobile devices at  I have also included here the Advisory Circular that provides more details on what constitutes a strike and specifics on reporting.