Business Licenses

City of Sanford Licenses

Many businesses open to the public need a City of Sanford business license to operate.  Businesses should check-in with the City Clerk's Office to find out if their business needs a local business license.  Almost all business licenses are due by December 31 for the next calendar year. Some business licenses applications require an inspection from Code Enforcement, the Fire Marshall, and the Police.  Some applications require approval of the City Council.

To see what is needed at the Municipal level, please call the City Clerk’s Office at 324-9125 and/or the Code Enforcement Office at 324-9145.

State of Maine Licenses

Not sure where to begin? Don’t know what you need? Use this helpful link from the State of Maine to help determine what State Licenses/Permits are needed for your business.

Plan on selling retail or serving alcohol on premise? Use this link to get the application form you need. Please note some of these do require approval at the Municipal level before sending to the State.

Amusements: including Dances, Theater, & Motor Vehicle races; Traveling Amusement Shows, Traveling Circus, Indoor Circus, Mechanical Rides. Use this link for required permits from the State Fire Marshal’s Office:

Most any business you are involved in will require you to collect sales tax. This means you will need a sales tax registration #. Follow the link below to Maine Revenue Services for more details: Click here