Curbside Collection

There's holiday this week- will my rubbish and recycling collection be affected?
Depending on the holiday, there may be changes to the Rubbish and Recycling pickup schedule. A notice will be posted on the Solid Waste And Recycling page and the City's Facebook page. Keep an eye out! 


How does Pay-As-You Throw work?
Where can I buy orange trash bags?
     - Apache Campground (seasonal)
     - Aubuchon Hardware
     - Eastside Convenience
     - Hannaford
     - Shaw's Supermarket
     - Walmart Supercenter

For more information- Click Here
My orange trash bag is defective, what do I do?
You can bring the bags to the Department of Public Works office at 156 School Street in Sanford for a full exchange.  Please be sure to bring the faulty bags with you so we can collect them to determine if there is a larger problem with the manufacturing line!


Where can I get a Sanford Recycles bin?
We no longer produce the red Sanford Recycles bin BUT you can pick up a 'Sanford Recycles' sticker at the Clerk's Office or the Public Works office. Just place your sticker on any container and your recycling will be picked up. 
How much does recycling cost?
Recycling is FREE. You can pick up your 'Sanford Recycles' sticker at the Clerk's office or the Public Works office. 

Transfer Station

Why is the Transfer Station usually closed both the day of and the day after a snow storm?
During snow/storm events, the Transfer Station may be closed so personnel can treat the roads. It may also be closed the day after an overnight snow/storm event as personnel were responding throughout the night.

Please see the announcements below concerning schedules around holidays as the Transfer Station is typically closed the day AFTER a Monday holiday.

Hazardous Waste

Where can I dispose of household hazardous waste such as oils, mercury thermometers, pesticides/herbicides, solvents, and other various chemicals?
Please visit the State of Maine page linked below for more information: