Human Resources Department

What is the Human Resources Department?
The Human Resources Department is responsible for the entire employment process from recruitment to retirement.  The department maintains all personnel records, assisting employees with training, benefits and any questions that may arise.  We handle all payroll processing including hours of work, accrual usage and following the applicable Personnel Policy as well as any Contractual Bargaining Agreements.  Our department is responsible in the processing and handling of items regarding unemployment, workers' compensation, income protection, negotiations, grievances, Department of Labor/OSHA, Clearinghouse for CDL's and many other personnel related items.

Our Goal
The Human Resources Department strives to maintain a safe and desirable working environment for all our employees.  The department administers the personnel system, procedures and rules applicable to municipal officials and employees in accordance with State and Federal Laws.  Maintaining compliance is essential.

How Do We Serve You?
We work collaboratively with leadership to attract and retain qualified, productive and dedicated employees who will provide efficient and effective services to the citizens of Sanford.  We recognize our employees are a considerable resource that requires investment to ensure that we have the skills needed to meet the needs of the City.

Contact Us: 

HR Director
Stacy Howes
Assistant HR Director
Stacey Johnson
Payroll Manager
Kayla LeBrun
HR Generalist
Karen Morris

919 Main Street
Sanford, ME  04073
Monday - Thursday:
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Friday:  Closed