Land Bank Authority

What is the Land Bank Authority?
It is a partnership between the City of Sanford government and the private real estate sector for a quality housing market through land banking, licensing housing and vacant and abandoned buildings, and proactive inspection.  Neighborhoods, homeowners, renters, and citizens of Sanford benefit from land banking, licensing housing, and proactive inspection and enforcement of health and safety standards.

Our Goal 
The Sanford Land Bank Authority was formed for the purpose of:
  • Operations the licensing, inspection, and enforcement program and make its findings public;
  • Purchasing, acquiring, holding, and disposing of real property;
  • Adjudicating dangerous buildings and abandoned properties;
  • Acting on property remediation;
  • Monitoring its financial programs to incentivize residential development and revitalization; and
  • Encouraging private enterprise by bringing residential properties back into use.
How Do We Serve You?
We address dangerous and hazardous buildings throughout the City that detract from the value of real estate and impact the safety and quiet enjoyment of neighboring people and properties.  We work to ensure there are safe and affordable places to live and expedite the transition of abandoned and foreclosed properties back to value-producing real estate.  This benefits the tax payer, neighborhoods, and the community at-Large. 

Contact Us: 
Director of Community Development Code Enforcement Officer / Constable Code Enforcement Officer / Constable
Ian Houseal
Jeannie Wood
Aaron Lederer
Address: Hours: Telephone:
919 Main Street
Sanford, ME 04073
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Friday: Closed