Land Bank Commission

Partnering for a Quality Housing Market through Land Banking, Licensing, and Proactive Inspections

Neighborhoods, homeowners, renters, and citizens of Sanford will benefit from land banking, licensing housing, and proactive inspection and enforcement of health and safety standards.

The Sanford Land Bank Authority was formed for the purpose of:

  • Overseeing operations and budget of the licensing, inspection, and enforcement program and make its findings public;
  • Purchasing, acquiring, holding, and disposing of real property;
  • Making recommendations to the City Council regarding dangerous buildings and abandoned properties;
  • Making recommendations to the City Council regarding property remediation;
  • Developing and monitor financial programs to incentivize residential development and revitalization; and
  • Encouraging private enterprise by bringing residential properties back into use.

The Sanford Land Bank Authority is overseen by the seven member Sanford Land Bank Commission comprised of three City Councilors and four residents of Sanford.

  1. Maura Herlihy - City Councilor, Deputy Mayor
  2. Nathan Hitchcock - City Councilor
  3. Peter Tranchemontagne- City Councilor
  4. Nicholas Roux- Resident
  5. Timothy Dumont- Resident
  6. Joe Sevigny- Resident
  7. Rebecca Lapierre- Resident
  8. Diane Small- Sanford Housing Authority Executive Director, Ex Officio
  9. John Caramihalis- City Real Estate Representative, Ex Officio