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Juneteenth Holiday Schedule for DPW, Transfer Station, and MSW/Recycling Pick-Up.

Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off, Sunday, June 30, 2024, 9AM - 12PM @ Sanford Transfer Station, 81 Rushton, St., Sanford

Unsafe Streets And Roadway Opinions Needed!

Which road do you believe is the least safe for travel? We want to hear from you! The City of Sanford has secured a $200,000 Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Planning Grant from the US DOT. This grant will be instrumental in crafting a safety action plan to reduce road fatalities and injuries in our community. To shape this Safety Plan, we're seeking input from residents via our new engagement hub, Sanford Connects. We invite you to identify the roads you believe are least safe for travel, specifying concerns for drivers, bikers, or pedestrians and indicating the time of year when these safety issues are most pronounced. Stay tuned for an in-depth survey in the upcoming weeks. Matthew Hill, Sanford's Director of Public Works, underscored the grant's significance, stating, 'The SS4A grant enables us to develop an Action Plan. Once complete, we'll seek SS4A Fund support to address safety concerns outlined in the Plan.' Additionally, this process may uncover other funding opportunities to bolster our safety initiatives.
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Our drivers use every precaution to prevent hitting objects in the right of way, however experience shows that with reduced visibility during a storm it is not always possible to see the object in time to avoid hitting them with the plow wing.  With large snowfall amounts, the weight of the snow being pushed is enough to displace objects. Items such as basketball hoops, soccer nets, tetherball poles, or other similar types of sports equipment that is within the city’s right-of-way need to be removed for the winter season.  Owners should see that the objects are placed at a maximum usage distance from the roadway pavement.
Please be aware the City of Sanford does not assume any responsibility for the replacing of any object that is within the City’s right of way

City Ordinance and regardless of parking ban declaration, parking of vehicles is prohibited between the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. from December 1 to April 1 for the following areas:
Route 202 (Lebanon Street)
Winter Street
Cottage Street
Washington Street
River Street
Twombley Road
School Street
High Street
Grammar Street
Grammar Road
Route 224
Pleasant Street
Oak Street
Jagger Mill Road
Old Mill Road
Emery Street
Main Street
Roberts Street
Beacon Street
Kimball Street
Berwick Road
Berwick Avenue
Shaw Road
Mt. Hope Road