Pay-As-You-Throw Program


Sanford's Pay-as-You-Throw MSW and Recycling Program is an integrative approach to solid waste handling.  The orange PAYT bags meter residential amounts of municipal solid waste (MSW) and a corresponding average residential amount of single-sort recycling by capturing a significant fraction of the costs to collect, transport, and dispose of these materials.  Program participants are encouraged to:

1. Recycle appropriately using the resources on this web page to minimize the amount of material that needs to be placed in the orange PAYT bag
2. Avoid contamination in the single-sort recycling stream.  The City's curbside collection Contractor has been instructed to reject any and all contaminated loads. The City's Contractor is not responsible for sorting materials curbside and are instructed to reject entire contaminated loads. The City reserves the right to suspend the privilege of curbside collection for participants who are not complying with the rules and regulations of the program.

Where to Buy?
     - Apache Campground (seasonal)
     - Eldredge Lumber & Hardware
     - Hannaford
     - Shaw's Supermarket
     - Walmart Supercenter

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