Boards and Committees

NOTICE: Due to COVID 19, all Planning & Development Department meetings will be held remotely using teleconferencing. Please review the following information and instructions to prepare for remote meetings.
  • Instructions For Remote Pre-application and Application Submissions (Click Here)
  • Sanford GIS Instructions (Click Here)
  • Instructions on How to Join/Participate in Planning Board and Site Plan Review Committee Meetings. (Click Here)

The City of Sanford currently has two Design District Overlay Zones - one in Downtown Sanford and one in Springvale Village. The Sanford Downtown Design District Overlay Zone offers visitors a focal point for services aimed at both visitors, residents, and workers of the surrounding area. The goal of the Design Review Committee is to help applicants understand the basic design strategies that have been adopted in the two Design District Overlay Zones as defined in section 280-15-11 of the City's Zoning Ordinance, and to encourage new development and renovation within these zones to achieve the stated purpose, objectives, and standards.

The Planning Board members have 3 year terms. The Planning Board’s responsibility is to review and act upon all subdivision requests; to hear and decide “conditional use” permit requests; to help draft new or amend relevant land use ordinances; and to review and assist in developing policy, goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Site Plan Review Committee is a group of technical advisors to the Planning Board which include:
  • The Fire Chief or designee;
  • The Police Chief or designee;
  • City Engineer or Public Works Director;
  • The Planning Director;
  • The Superintendent of the Water District;
  • The Superintendent of the Sewerage District;
  • A representative of the Planning Board;
  • The Code Enforcement Officer.