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2018 - Workforce Housing Coalition Final Report - Amended May 8, 20181 document

  • WHC_SANFORD_REPORT_FINAL_REPORT_-_corrected_5-8-18(1).pdf
    document date none

2016 - Sanford Downtown Strategy1 document

  • Sanford Downtown Strategy
    document date 09-18-2022

2007 - Springvale Village Plan & Design Guidelines1 document

  • Springvale Village Village Plan Design Guidelines
    document date 09-14-2022

2005 - Bartram & Cochran Plan: Sanford Center/Mousam Waterfront Market Plan1 document

  • 2005_OCT_BartramCochran(1).pdf
    document date none

2014-2022 - Goodall Brook Watershed4 documents

  • Goodall_Brook_WBP(1)(1).pdf
    document date none
  • Goodall_Brook_WBP_Appendices(1)(1).pdf
    document date none
  • Goodall_Brook_Work_Plan_Final(1)(1).pdf
    document date none
  • FINAL_Goodall_Brook_2016RT08_FPR_12.31.2018(1)(1).pdf
    document date none

2002 - Route 109 Corridor Study, Highway Access Management1 document

  • highway_management_route_109(1).PDF
    document date none

2012 - Revitalization of the Sanford Millyard Action Plan1 document

  • 20120731_Millyard-Revitalization-Action-Plan_WestonSampson.pdf
    document date 07-31-2012

1995 - Downtown Sanford Market Study Market Analysis & Strategies2 documents

  • Downtown_Sanford_Market_Study_1995_Market_Analysis_Results.pdf
    document date 10-11-2023
  • Downtown Sanford Market Study 1995 - Recommended Improvement Strategies.pdf
    document date 10-11-2023

Revisions to Title 30-A MRSA Section 4404 regarding Liquidation Harvesting2 documents

  • MFS Rule - Chapter 23 Timber Harvesting Standards to Substantially Eliminate Liquidation Harvesting.pdf
    document date none
  • Sample Subdivision Review Process for New Criterion #20 for Municipal Planning Boards.pdf
    document date none