Support Services

The Sanford Police Department's Support Services Division is comprised of a Major, Lieutenant, Detectives, School Resource Officers, Mental Health Unit, Animal Control, and Court Officer. The Detectives are tasked with Major Crimes and crimes committed against persons or property in Sanford and cyber crimes. The School Resource Officers are responsible for all crimes and investigations in the school and to provide education in law enforcement. The Mental Health unit is responsible for problem-solving and managing people experiencing homelessness, substance use disorder, and mental health crises. The court officer is responsible for being a liaison between the police department and the court system. The animal control officer is responsible for all animal complaints, education, and animal welfare. 

Support Services Commander

  • Major Matthew Gagné      
Support Services Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant. Chad Allen
Support Service Sergeant

  • Sgt. Colleen Adams (MHU) 
Criminal investigations

  • Det. Erik Rae
  • Det. Kyle Cutler
  • Det. Brett Tishim
Mental Health Unit

  • Ofc. David Randt
  • Shannon Bentley - Mental Health First Responder/Clinician
  • OPTIONS Clinician Lacey Bailey
School Resource Officers:

  • Joe Jourdain
  • Paul Goldsmith
Court Officer

  • Sarah Howe
Animal Control Officer:

  • Lauren Carroll