Boards & Committees

Get Involved... Join an Advisory Group

Sanford's Committees, Boards, and Commissions are an important part of city government and a great opportunity for residents to be directly involved in City government. We are always seeking residents interested in serving and we encourage you to apply to serve on one of our committees!

Regular Meeting Schedule - Time and Location

City Council
1st and 3rd Tuesdays 6:00pm City Hall Annex Chambers (third floor)
Airport Advisory Committee  
Every other Month - 2nd Thursday 8:00 am 9 Presidential Lane
Planning Board
1st & 3rd Wednesdays  6:30pm   City Hall Annex Chambers (third floor)

Committee and Boards Responsibilities 

Airport Advisory Committee
The Airport Advisory Committee is made up of 4 Citizens of Sanford qualified to vote in City Affairs who may or may not hold a pilot’s certificate. They each serve a 3 year term. There are also two 3 year term slots for persons who hold a valid pilot’s certificate and who operate an aircraft that is based at the Sanford Regional Airport. These persons need not be residents of Sanford. There is also one representative from the Sanford City Council. The tasks of the Airport Advisory Committee are to study, research and develop all aspects of the Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport so as to strengthen and improve all phases of its present and future use, operation and expansion.  Short term and long term objectives are to conserve the assets of the Airport and to insure that the Airport meets the needs of the City on a timely basis and at a reasonable cost.  To act for the City Council in strict adherence to their direction.  To assist the City Council in a manner prescribed by them as to nature and scope, priority and need, so that there can be orderly improvement to the Airport.

Board of Appeals
The Zoning Board of Appeals members have 3 year terms. The Zoning Board of Appeals hears and decides administrative and dimensional variance appeals.

Board of Assessment Review
The Board of Assessment Review is comprised of six (6) members.  The Board reviews and rules on appeals duly filed in writing by taxpayers regarding any tax assessment made by the Tax Assessor.  Committee members each serve a three year term.

Budget Committee
The Budget Committee is comprised of seven (7) members of the City Council. 

Design Review Committee
The City of Sanford currently has two Design District Overlay Zones – one in Downtown Sanford and one in Springvale Village. Most development or exterior improvement on a parcel that is located in one of these zones requires review.  The goal of the Design Review Committee is to help applicants understand the basic design strategies that have been adopted in the two Design District Overlay Zones as defined in section 280-15-11 of the City’s Zoning Ordinance, and to encourage new development and renovation within these Zones to achieve the stated purpose, objectives, and standards. The Design Review Committee advises the Planning Director, the Planning Board, the Code Enforcement Officer, the applicant, and others and, in that capacity, may make recommendations concerning project design proposals it deems appropriate as outlined in its powers and duties in section 280-16-5.4 of the Zoning Ordinance. The Design Review Committee consists of a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of seven (7) members, including up to three (3) Planning Board members. The remaining members shall be nominated by the City Manager and approved by majority vote of the Planning Board. Committee members serve alternating two (2) year terms and must live or work in the City. Appointed members of the Committee should have a combination of educational, professional, and life experiences with design and development related issues. The Design Review Committee currently meets once each month on the second Wednesday, unless otherwise rescheduled by the Committee, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Planning Department Conference Room.

Historical Committee 
The Sanford Historical Committee was formed as a Committee of the (then) Town in 1927 to acquire, preserve, and display items of historical significance to the City of Sanford. The Committee’s tireless efforts have resulted in a large collection of irreplaceable artifacts, manuscript materials and printed items representing nearly every facet of the City’s history. The Committee receives an annual appropriation from the City of Sanford for the care of its collections, which are now in the Sanford Springvale Historical Society’s museum in Springvale. This committee is always looking for volunteers interested in preserving the history of Sanford/Springvale.

Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
The purpose and mission of the Housing Authority is to provide decent, safe and affordable housing to eligible low-income applicants within our jurisdiction. The role of the Board is to develop policy and monitor performance of all Federal and State housing programs. Commissioners are responsible for overseeing the operations of the Housing Authority and expenditures of federal monies, helping direct the management of programs that benefit the community and ensuring the provision of quality services to the residents of our housing properties. We will provide training for new Commissioners.  The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 4 PM. The Sanford Housing Authority Board of Commissioners is made up of citizens appointed by the Sanford City Council. There are seven commissioners on the board, two (2) of whom must be recipients of Sanford Housing Authority services. Commissioners serve for a term of three years. The terms are staggered so that at least one vacancy occurs each year. Commissioners may serve successive terms if allowed by the Council. Members of the Sanford Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners set policies, establish and adopt an annual and five-year action plan, and adopt an annual operating budget.

Land Bank Authority Commissioners
The Municipal Land Bank Authority was established in 2017 to oversee the operations and budget of the City’s licensing, inspection, and enforcement program and make its findings public. The Land Bank purchases, acquires, holds, and disposes of real property; makes recommendations to the City Council regarding dangerous buildings and abandoned properties, and regarding property remediation. The land bank may also and monitor financial programs to incentivize residential development and revitalization; and encourage private enterprise by bringing residential properties back into use. The Sanford Land Bank Authority is overseen by the seven member Sanford Land Bank Commission comprised of three City Councilors and four residents of Sanford.

Planning Board
The Planning Board members have 3 year terms. The Planning Board’s responsibility is to review and act upon all subdivision requests; to hear and decide “conditional use” permit requests; to help draft new or amend relevant land use ordinances; and to review and assist in developing policy, goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. More details on Planning Board members and what is expected of them can be found in the board’s bylaws at

Recreation Advisory Board
The goal of the Recreation Advisory Board is to respond to the needs of the community, make recommendations and collaborate with the Parks and Recreation Director, promote the department and help implement a variety of recreational opportunities to the Sanford Springvale Community.  The Board consists of 7 residents of Sanford/Springvale, each serving a one year term, and who act in an advisory capacity to the Parks and Recreation Director.

Trails Development & Urban Forestry Committee
The Trails Development & Urban Forestry Committee participates and works with the City Council, municipal staff and interested residents as an integral part of planning, planting, maintenance and educational programs where trees are concerned. There are an unlimited number of members that assist in the development, funding and maintenance of a community-wide trail system.