As a City, Sanford has a city council/mayor/manager form of government. This means the City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible to the City Council, for the proper administration of all, except as otherwise provided in the Charter, affairs of the City. The Mayor’s duties and powers are set forth in the Charter. The Mayor is elected by voters for a two-year term.

Our Current Mayor Becky A. Brink

Mayor Becky Brink met her husband Bill during undergrad at the University of Maine. Following graduation, they moved to St. Louis to continue their education. In St. Louis, the couple created a long list of what they both wanted in a community to raise a family. Sanford filled their list, so they bought their office on Main Street.

Becky believes being a member of the Sanford community has many benefits- A fantastic school system, well-trained police and fire departments, a great health care system, vibrant places of worship, and a forward-looking government and city manager. She says, "Community is important to both physical and mental well-being for everyone," and that often community is what makes a house feel like home.

Becky wants to continue helping grow a community where the citizens can belong, thrive, and have a stable place to call home. In Becky's eyes no matter what your background or ambitions are, Sanford is a community for you.

Mayor Brink is currently serving on the following Standing Committee and Council Sub-Committees:

  • Airport Advisory Committee
  • Municipal Operations and Property (Chair)
  • Public Safety Subcommittee
  • Land Bank Authority (Chair)
  • Fire Station Feasibility Working Group (Chair) 
  • Contract Negotiation Subcommittee
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