Election & Voter Information

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Election dates for the City of Sanford are ALWAYS as follows:
First Tuesday in November after the first day of the month: Municipal Election (held same day as State Elections). 
Second Tuesday in June: School Budget Validation Election. 

Next Election: TUES NOV 8, 2022

Print the application and mail to: City Clerk, 919 Main Street, Sanford, ME 04073.
If you are not a resident of Sanford, you should mail it to the Secretary of State's address printed on the form. Please be sure to complete BOTH sides of the application, and answer all the Federally required questions and the Party Affiliation as well. (Instructions for completing the application)
   NOTICE: Green Independent IS a political party. If you are looking to be "INDEPENDENT" (as in no party affiliation) you should choose the last box for 'UNENROLLED'.

Request now up to Thursday, Nov. 3rd 

Online Absentee Ballot Request- Click Here
You also may call the City Clerk's Office: 324-9125 to request an absentee ballot for the next Election:
November 8, 2022: State Gubernatorial and Sanford Municipal & Referendum Election.
After hours: print an application to mail or drop off to the Clerk's office

The office is open 7:30 AM TO 5:30 PM,  MONDAY TO THURSDAY; for absentee voting requests and voter registration. CLOSED FRIDAYS

Contact Us:

Voter Registrar Address:  Hours: Telephone:  Email
Sue Cote 919 Main Street                               
Sanford, ME 04073    
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Friday: Closed   
207-324-9107 Click Here