City Council

City Council Vision 

“To provide responsive representation to the residents of Sanford while working to continually improve the community by establishing policy and ordinances, and by voting appropriations through the budget that are focused on Council-developed and Resident-supported goals for the City.”

City Council Objectives 
Community Development

Goal: “To create an economically strong and attractive community that is able to accelerate and sustain growth for existing business and attract future business investment by developing a strong, qualified workforce and quality housing for all income levels.”

Fiscal Planning
Goal: “To practice strong fiscal planning by prioritizing the City’s capital program, diversification, and expansion of the taxable base, and delivering services in a cost-effective manner.”

Responsive Representation
Goal: “To practice responsive representation of the residents of Sanford-Springvale through effective communication and a business-friendly approach to development.”

City Council Meeting Times
City Council Meetings are held on the First and Third Tuesday of the Month, City Hall Council Chambers, 919 Main Street, Sanford, Maine. The public sessions of meetings start at 6:00 p.m.

Meet Your Councilors

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