Join the Community Resilience Committee

Join the Community Resilience Committee and be a part of shaping a more resilient future for our community! 

About the Committee:
The Community Resilience Committee is looking for passionate individuals to fill up to five openings, each for a two-year term. This newly established group will play a crucial role in coordinating our community's efforts to increase resilience to natural hazards and the impacts of climate change. 

What You'll Do:
As a committee member, you'll be at the forefront of planning, implementing, and monitoring energy and resilience projects. Your dedication will be vital as we work together to make our community more prepared and sustainable for the future. 

Why Join:

  • Make a tangible impact on our community's resilience.
  • Be a key player in coordinating vital projects.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about positive change.

Each position comes with a two-year term, giving you ample time to contribute and see the impact of your efforts. 

How to Sign Up:
To become a part of this transformative initiative, simply email your interest to

Let's come together and build a stronger, more resilient community!