March Presidential Primary Information

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 5th, for the Presidential Primary.

This is the Election to vote for Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates to appear on the November General Election ballot.

This marks the first election under the new 'semi-open' primary law, allowing unenrolled voters (often referred to as Independents) to participate in primaries without party enrollment. They can simply indicate their party preference without enrolling. This option is also available for absentee voters.

In-person absentee voting is ongoing until Feb. 29 at the City Clerk’s office. Feb. 29 is also the deadline for online or mail-in absentee ballot requests.

On Election Day, voters can cast their ballots in person at the following polling places:

  • Ward One: Nasson Community Center Gym
  • Ward Two: Sanford Christian Academy Riverside Campus (Formerly Known As: St. Ignatius Parish Hall-Gym)
  • Ward Three: Sanford High School & Technical Center Entrance Door #41

Starting February 1st, another new law allows voters aged 65 or above, or those with disabilities, to make ongoing absentee ballot requests. Eligible voters will automatically receive absentee ballots for all eligible elections, including special elections within their district. For example, they can vote in a special City Council election but not for a vacancy in Legislative District 141 if residing in District 143.

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