Nomination Forms Available for November 2023 Election

Nomination forms for the following municipal offices are available now at the Clerk’s office in City Hall:

  • City Councilor – 3-year term (2 positions). Currently held by Maura Herlihy and Jonathan Martell.

  • City Councilor – 1 year to finish the unexpired term. Currently held by Nathaniel Hitchcock.

  • School Committee –3-year term (2 positions). Currently held by Paula Cote and Amy Turgeon Sevigny.

  • Water District Trustee – 3-year term. Currently held by Roland Cote.

  • Sewerage District Trustee – 3-year term (2 positions). Currently held by Nathaniel Hitchcock and Keith Patterson.

The deadline for submitting nomination forms is 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 6. Aspiring candidates must be registered voters residing primarily in Sanford/Springvale. City Council and School Committee candidates are required to collect 50 signatures for eligibility, while Water and Sewerage District Trustee candidates must secure 25 signatures.